TO SPREAD the gospel of Jesus Christ across Romania and around the world
TO TRAIN local christians in a lifestyle of evangelism
TO HELP the poor, the orphans and the widows in their need


We believe that there is a big need today for the gospel to be preached and demonstrated worldwide. Also in Romania, we see that many people are in need to hear the gospel and they need to be discipled. Heroes Arise wants to reach out to the unreached in Romania and in other nations. We want to train and invest in local christians, so that they will rise up and spread the gospel in their area and within their sphere of influence.


Romania is a gorgeous country with beautiful forests, mountains, rivers, historical sites, delicious food and lovely- welcoming people. But Romania also knows 'another side': It's estimated that there are 2.5 million Roma-people living in Romania, out of a population of 19 million. The majority of these Roma people are living in extreme poverty. Most are lacking in the areas of education, adequate housing, and proper nutrition. And the fact that they are living in broken-dysfunctional families seems to keep the Romas caught up in a painful cycle of poverty combined with domestic violence & abuse. Forthermore, to add to their adversities, the Romas suffer racial discrimination which contributes to making it very difficult for the Roma-people to break out of this painful-vicious cycle. Heroes Arise is called to help the Romas by reaching out to them with the gospel and by helping them in practical means and ways, as well. We assist them with specific-practical and educational needs in order to give them hope for a better future. Our plan is to callaborate-together with local pastors, ministries, and churches in a combined effort to reach-out and bring assistance to the various Roma-communities. And we believe that together we can make a huge difference in the lives of so many of God's priceless Roma people.